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Let me seduce you tonight....

STOP PRESS! Confessions of a Cake Addict has now been re-released as Seductive Viennese Whirl. This heart warming chick lit novel is the perfect way to while away a cold autumn evening. So what are you waiting for? Pull on your Snuggie, curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and let me take you on a Seductive Viennese Whirl!


It's New Year’s Eve and Londoner Kate Pickles is making a list of life changing resolutions. She wants to escape her bitchy boss and leave her stressful job behind. Pay off her credit card and lose some weight. Finding True Love is at the end of the list. But so what, maybe love isn’t the top priority for a girl who knows dreaming big doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Kate is used to living in the shadow of her glam friend Eva. But things are shaken up when the duo find themselves caught up in a steamy Austrian trip that leaves Kate in a Viennese Whirl. Kate meets a sexy Count and after a night out in a casino it seems Kate's luck might be about to change.

Can Kate reach her goals including finding Love? Only if she let's herself get caught up in the whirlwind.....

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Monday, June 18, 2012


A Yummy Review

I just had to share this wonderful review of the book from Guiltless Reader:

Cake, anyone?

The book in one sentence: Kate Pickles, cake addict, has not given up on love.

Serious synopsis of Confessions of a Cake Addict by Emma Kaufmann: Will falling in love be the icing on the cake for Kate? Or will it leave her with indigestion? Londoner Kate Pickles has a problem with cake. Every time she feels down she reaches for the nearest chocolate eclair, until soon she is piling on the pounds. But her life is turned upside down when, on a trip to Vienna with her glamorous pal, Eva, Kate falls for a sexy Austrian and gets sucked into making a Bollywood film. As her life gathers momentum Kate faces a crossroads. Will she continue to use cake as an emotional crutch or enter cake rehab and conquer her fears?

My two cents: I've been lapping up some serious fare lately, so a change of pace was in order. Confessions of a Cake Addict hit the spot and then some. This such a riot of a read! Grab this book and cozy up on the couch in the sunroom and just read! I found myself just laughing like silly. It's funny, improbable, but it's not exactly the fluff I was expecting. There is something very smartalecky about this that I really enjoyed.

Most women will be able to relate to Kate Pickles -- a mishmash of Bridget Jones (hey, knickers play a role in this story too!) gone Becky Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic fame, cakewise that is. Kate's obsession for cake is a main feature, so be prepared for very detailed mouthwatering descriptions of cake! Kate is a copywriter for an ad agency so that's also why she is so good with her words.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Cake Addicts of the World Unite!

Cakeaholic Kate Pickles is feeling the weight but when she falls hopelessly in love with a sexy Austrian she is caught in a Viennese Whirl

Hurrah! My novel Confessions of a Cake Addict is now available in paperback and Kindle! So do me a favor and buy it. And leave a review on Amazon if it tickles your Fondant Fancy!

Read an extract:



Londoner Kate Pickles has hit rock bottom. She's funny, kind, and talented but totally unaware about all the great things she has going for her. Day in and day out, she sits back and whines to her sister Laurie in Sydney, Australia, as her boss walks all over her and her best friend Eva bags the hot guys while Kate ends up dating whack jobs and comfort eating cake. Pouring out her heart to Laurie in a series of letters and emails, Kate longs for her sister to confirm she really is the loser in love she fears she is. Abruptly, Kate's life is turned upside down when, on a trip to Vienna with her glamorous pal, Eva, Kate falls for a sexy Austrian and gets sucked into making a Bollywood film a bit like this one:


The story unfolds in a series of letters and emails between overweight, insecure Gherkin (Kate) who lives in London, is tortured by her boss The Haddock at the advertising agency she works at and whose life has generally hit the skids since she split up with her long term boyfriend and has started dating a string of losers. Whenever things go wrong she muffles her feelings with cake. Her sister Egg (Laurie) lives a perfect life in Sydney, Australia, is happily married and has two perfect, high achieving kids. However, the kids do leave her frazzled so she enjoys dipping into Kate's messy life and living vicariously through her romantic disasters but can't resist giving her dollops of sisterly advice. Laurie pulls no punches when commenting on Kate's bad life choices and echoes the reader's sentiments that zany, kooky Kate really needs to get a life.

Laurie is a refreshing burst of reality, cutting through Kate's delusions and encouraging her to lose weight and go for it with Count Alex von Pappenberg when she's scared to be vulnerable. Alex von Pappenberg, is a handsome but sensitive Austrian Count who is similarly disillusioned with life and love as Kate and lying low in the Austrian sticks in his Schloss. Like Kate he is stuck in life - his once successful vineyard has gone bankrupt and he's too unmotivated to start it up again. When Kate arrives at his Schloss as part of the entourage making a Bollywood movie Alex is determined to win her love but scared to make a move himself. Readers will enjoy seeing two insecure people grow to the point where they can take a chance on finding love again and facing the challenges of the future together!


If you enjoy stories about hot holiday romances you'll enjoy this. It's aimed at women aged about 20-40 who are adventurous and full of fun who are tired of romance 'bodice-rippers' with their formulaic plots and unrealistic heros. If you're looking to be entertained by a romantic comedy that's chock full of quirky characters and hilarious situations then you'll love Confessions of a Cake Addict! People who like authors like Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Jenny Colgan Lisa Jewell will find this 'just their cup of tea' and a cake to go with it.

Review by Alice Castle, Author of Hot Chocolate (4 Stars):

I've long been a fan of Emma Kaufmann's blog, Mommy Has a Headache, so was very much looking forward to reading her novel, Confessions of a Cake Addict. It didn't disappoint. I loved the immediacy of the epistolatory format between the accident-prone heroine, Kate Pickles, and her sensible, grown-up sister, always ready to shower Kate with advice which proves all too easy to ignore. Kate's relationship with her best friend and flatmate seemed very real, with occasional flashes of jealousy, envy and loneliness against a background of deep affection. The two, of course, are chalk and cheese. In many ways, Emma has followed the successful pattern of chicklit formula but has added her own characteristic dashes of quirky humour and atmosphere. I loved the sudden injection of Bollywood into the scenes in Vienna, for instance, and the faded glamour of the Austrian castle owned by our hero. The central love affair is nurtured like a delicate bloom and we are rooting for Kate at the end. A great fun read which will make you want to have your cake and eat it too.

Check out more juicy info about the book over at Shelfari!


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